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It is the declared goal of the Firefly Editorial & Writing Atelier to help you develop outstanding written assignments in German.

Here, you will find comprehensive supportive services for the creation and optimization of your essays, reports, and presentations:

The services are offered for scientific and academic texts of any and all subjects and disciplines.

We can also support you after your studies with editorial and design advice on your applications. Just ask to find out more.

Outstanding Academic Work for Your Studies!

Written assignments such as seminar papers, final theses, or internship reports are some of the most important achievements of your studies – in Germany, China, or worldwide.

These reports and papers make up a big part of your final grades. A good paper, a good report, and good grades may be your golden ticket to a great career. You should therefore make sure that they are the best they can be.

With our support in the language and structure of your written assignment, you can completely focus on its content.

The advantages of an editing service:

  • Premium texts with a scientific style of writing
  • Correct use of the German language
  • Optimization concerning spelling, punctuation, and grammar
  • Text with a common thread and congruent reasoning
  • Completeness and compliance with formalities
  • Single investment – life-long advantages

Why you should choose the Firefly Atelier:

  • We speak your language
  • All students are individually and personally cared for – no assembly line
  • Worldwide support from the comfort of your home
  • Professional services catered to your individual needs
  • Readily available, easy to reach, and by your side at all times
  • Firefly Atelier – our passion is in working with language and text

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