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In order to make your text appealing and easy to read, it is formatted and the layout is adjusted. A consistent overall design of your text substantially adds to your professional appearance and helps your work to be understood more easily. These design elements should therefore be used consciously and skillfully.

Neglecting the standards of formatting and layout of the university or the evaluator may furthermore lead to a substantial deduction of your grade.

In the Firefly Atelier, your academic text, your report, or presentation receives a professional makeover. It is furthermore ensured that the regulations are followed.

These services include among others:

  • Formatting of title and cover page
  • Formatting of font, font size, highlights, etc. (character formatting)
  • Outline of the text: alignment, line spacing, eisthesis, lists, margins (paragraph formatting)
  • Consistent formatting of continuous text, headlines, block quotes, and captions of figures
  • Passages with different page numbers (Roman, Arabic)
  • No unnecessary spaces
  • Non-breaking spaces and reader friendly breaks
  • Reasonable hyphenation and paragraphs
  • Suitable placement of figures & tables
  • Formatting of footnotes
  • Creation of a print master
  • Compliance with the instructions of the university for formatting (margins, font size, font, line spacing etc.)

We are also gladly available to you for formatting needs that have not been mentioned in this list. Check out our additional services  or get in contact with us directly. The easiest way to reach the Firefly Editorial & Writing Atelier is via the contact form.

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