Job and Other Applications

Your Way to Your Dream Job – Take Chances to Stick Out from the Masses!

Be it an internship, your first job or a reorientation of your career – first-class applications ensure a smooth journey towards your dream job. Only through accurate, comprehensive, and convincing phrasing can you and your application differentiate yourself from the masses.

The Firefly Editorial & Writing Atelier helps you among other things with:

  • Editing of the cover letter, curriculum vitae and other documents around your application
  • Composition of texts
  • Formatting, layout, and design
  • Support in the development of a supplementary sheet (“page three”)
  • Examination of social media profiles
  • Verification of completeness of application documents and information
  • Translations (Chinese, German, English)

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Successful Applications for any Circumstances

For the admission of a few universities, for a visa, grants, or scholarships, applications are necessary in German, English, or Chinese. The Firefly Atelier can support you in filling out, creating, editing, or translating such applications.

The Firefly Editorial & Writing Atelier is of course also available to you for services around applications that are not listed here. Just ask us about it! The easiest way to reach the Firefly Editorial & Writing Atelier is via the contact form.

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