Scientific Editing

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Be it final theses, reports, or presentations, it is always important to convey content that is scientifically correct. It is however also important to do so using clear and concise language and logical reasoning.

Your text is edited according to your needs. Just ask us about it! The easiest way to reach the Firefly Editorial & Writing Atelier is via the contact form.

In the scientific editing, your text is checked in the following aspects and enhanced depending on your personal requirements:

1. Content Composition
  • Useful outline
  • Coherence of headline and content
  • Comprehensibility of content
  • Paragraphs & subheadings
  • Reasonable emphasis of the content
  • No redundancies or useless information
  • Formal structure
  • Golden thread
  • Consistent line of reasoning
  • Logical succession of arguments
  • Completeness
  • Compliance with instructions
  • List of figures, abbreviations, tables, and bibliography
  • Correct use of footnotes
  • Correct, complete, and consistent citation
2. Language
  • Suitable Linguistic style & phrasing
  • Correct spelling & punctuation
  • Flawless grammar
  • Academic writing style
  • Coherency
  • Correct phrasing & idioms
  • Correct use of technical, and foreign words
  • Correct spelling of personal names, abbreviations, indications of measurement etc.
3. Formalities
  • Consistent notation
  • Correct, complete, and consistent citations
  • Accurate hyphenation
  • Proper quotation marks
  • Correct usage of hyphens
  • Image and table captions
  • Page numbers

Of course, tables, graphics, directories, footnotes etc. are also edited.

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